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Welcome to Propel Consulting


Propel Consulting is an Executive Search Company based in Tokyo. We specialize in providing international businesses with bilingual executives and mid-level professionals.

Our team of experienced consultants collaborate to identify and service the unique needs of candidates and clients across a wide range of industries. We achieve excellence by developing creative solutions that utilize our broad-reaching networks, technology based tools and relevant expertise.

Our innovative approach ensures that we can introduce the best candidates to our clients and the best opportunities to our candidates.

Recent News

Country Manager, Channel Sales Manager, Product Support/Field Installation Engineer, Field Service Engineer (Across Japan), Embedded Software Engineer with Project Management for Automotive client ( Tokyo or Nagoya ), Application Engineer Manager, Sales Account Manager, Key Account Manager , Technical Support & Quality Engineer (Yokohama), Technical Support & Quality Engineer, Sales Account Manager (Semiconductor), Senior Financial Analyst, Field Application Engineer (FAE), Purchasing Manager, Field Service Engineer, Poduct Marketing Engineer positions available. For further information, see Open Positions.